Archer: The Celebration Collection

Posted on September 03 2020

Archer: The Celebration Collection


Time to Celebrate!

This season Archer is inspired in different cultures. Pays tribute to great nations that have impacted our culture in some way. Countries with famous tourist destinations, rich gastronomy and great traditions. That is why this season, we want to join the global celebration and represent the flags of certain countries in our designs.



All of the ARCHER designs are equipped with Royal Elastics new concept sole, HYPERIM. This is a lightweight and elastic sole that provides high support to each step.



Archer: France

Inspired in the french flag, this design represents the liberty, equality, brotherhood and modernization that the french flag represents. Imagine walking through the streets of Paris with Archer by your side; visiting the Notra Dame Cathedral and the iconic Eiffle Tower, enjoying a romantic sunset. Walking thought the beauty of the Palace of Versailles and it's gardens, remembering the historical figures who once walked those same places. Oh and quick tip! you cannot leave without paying a visit the Louvre Museum and seeing the famous Mona Lisa!




Archer: Germany

Archer's new design features the three colors of the German flag; red, black and gold. These colors represent unity and freedom. A country full of gastronomy that you cannot miss and more importantly, you cannot miss a football game while in Germany. Walk through the history of Germany and its powerful sights along with Archer.




Archer: Italy

What can it be said about Italy that hasn't been said already? A must go country to visit with a pair of Archer on your feet. Enjoy a gelato while you walk through the streets of Rome, paying an inevitable visit to the impressive Colosseum. Walking and stopping by each restaurant to try the rich food that this city offers, ending your walk at the Vatican City to enrich your knowledge at the museum. Don't forget to visit Tuscany!



Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

A fun collection inspired by women's freedom! A design for all those powerful, independent women who are not afraid of adventure. Able to take their suitcase and go in search of challenges in other countries in order to continue growing as individuals. You only live your life once! Do not miss it! Grab your Archers and embark onto your next adventure!


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