DUKE: Luxury in the Finest Details

Posted on June 12 2019

DUKE: Luxury in the Finest Details


The brand new DUKE series is a timeless piece which encompasses a simple, elegant and classic all white leather design, broken up by a delicate fine line pattern, for a unique touch of artistic creativity. The meticulous detailing and effortless modern charm brought by art deco, through its emphasis of geometric pattern and fine angles is revealed in the series. Luxury craftsmanship is further enhanced through the featuring of an exquisite three-dimensional crocodile embossed pattern, which adds a unique high-end boutique character.

In addition to its exquisite luxury design, this minimalist premium series is equal in functionality and comfort. Meticulously crafted from smooth quality nappa leather and premium leather lining, ensures that true luxury is not only seen, but felt with every step. The series features Royal Elastics' signature false lace upper frontal design, and the brand’s classic elasticized closure system, allowing for easy slip-on and off with each wear. DUKE is a perfect blend of performance design and luxury craftsmanship.


For the 2019 spring/summer season, DUKE is available in 4 classic designs, each a pure white body, with a subtle variation in choice of color with respects to geometric color line patterns.





In addition to the 4 classic low key style line designs, 2 vibrant color block design versions are also available for men. This series seeks to inject a major dose of color, with its creative color block pattern found along the toe cap, in addition to the color line pattern found in the classic style. 


This vibrant color block edition is available in two vibrant colors – orange and royal blue.


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