DUKE STRAIGHT: A Series Inspired by the Eternal Deserts of Egypt

Posted on January 21 2019

DUKE STRAIGHT: A Series Inspired by the Eternal Deserts of Egypt


The DUKE STRAIGHT series is inspired by the eternal deserts of Egypt, with its stunning weathered rock formations, and the splendid Nile River. The collection highlights both the underlying beauty, as well as unyielding power and force of Mother-nature.



The featured thick band, as seen crossing over the body of the shoes, signifies the energetic flow of the Earth's water sources, and its long standing rock formations. The black and blue version, depicts the continual flow of the Nile River during the calm desert nights, while the white and red version, seeks to portray the towering rock formations, glistening in red, over the bright backdrop of the scorching desert sun. The touch of yellow, by way of the vertical yellow band displayed on the heel counter, reflects the warm tones of the Egyptian desert sands.



The series is a sleek and classic leather designed slip-on, displaying Royal Elastics signature elasticized closure system. The inclusion of a classic style metal-plate on the tongue of the shoes, appearing in gold and dark gray, help to cultivate a perfect blend of high-fashion boutique with street ready elements, for a unique and premium quality finish. 





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