• Elastic System 365-Day Quality Warranty
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Elastic System 365-Day Quality Warranty

The elastic system is the heart and soul of Royal Elastics' laceless sneakers. With full confidence, we guarantee our elastic will be in perfect condition within 365 days of usage. If you find any of elastics on your shoes broken or defected within 365 days after you receive your shoes, we will make a free exchange for you. 

Warranty Policy:

  • Our warranty is only limited to manufacturing defects and natural wearing down of material. Any breakdown of elastics that is caused by improper use or unnatural forces will be declined.
  • For warranty evaluation, you must provide clear pictures or videos for our approval. If the item is eligible for warranty, we will help you make a free exchange. The value of the exchange item will be at the same final price as the original item.
  • Royal Elastics reserves the rights to explain and/or modify the warranty policy without further notice.

Contact us at customersupport@royalelastics.com if you have any questions about our warranty policy.

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