HARAJUKU: Canvas High-Tops Series Inspired by Lindbergh

Posted on January 21 2019

HARAJUKU: Canvas High-Tops Series Inspired by Lindbergh

The FW2018 HARAJUKU series is a canvas high-tops styled collection. The latest rendition is inspired by famous American pilot, writer, and avid explorer: Charles Lindbergh, whom is a true pioneer, embodying the fearless and adventurous spirit.   





The collection is printed with Lindbergh’s infamous quote “Real freedom lies in wildness, not in civilization”, highlighting his free spirited personality, and in doing so, attempts to bring out the curious explorer within all of us.  




This series is available in four vibrant colors - white, olive green, navy and gray. Each version features Royal Elastics' artistically designed graphic logo, printed in various colors. The series also displays the brand's signature elasticized closure system, for a fine quality and practical everyday slip-in and out canvas. 




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