Icon Manhood: Dreamer Collection

Posted on October 25 2019

Icon Manhood: Dreamer Collection


This season, MANHOOD & DIVA portrays the courageous, incessant and dream-seeking personality. The strong, confident heroic character, with a subtle touch of elegant charm. One that stands strong in pursuit of their deepest dreams in a world filled with challenges.



The DREAMER series seeks to express the complexity of dreams, in the form of vibrant colors and textures. All the different designs are an homage for all the dedication and heart dream seekers put in their life journey.


A series dedicated to all the heroes among us, whom instill in themselves, good faith, independence and the courageous spirit. For those who dare to seek and fight for their dreams.




Strong yet delicate designs for all the fearless women out there. This season's designs highlight the feminine personality; empowered and independent. A hero for her and everyone around her.







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