Legendary KNIGHT is HERE!!! Calling on all our Style Pioneers!

Posted on October 29 2018

Legendary KNIGHT is HERE!!! Calling on all our Style Pioneers!


Watch out guys!!! The legendary KNIGHT is here, and it’s bound to stir things up! Not made for the faint-hearted, it is here to generate a bold statement, and no doubt, leave a lasting impression. For the fashion minded amongst us, KNIGHT is here to indulge your heroic, courageous and fearless nature as trendsetters. It is the collection that will provide our style pioneers, the push to step up and experiment with bold and edgy styles, and make their unique mark on the fashion stage.


KNIGHT is a clean cut and classic piece. Carved to perfection and covered with Hermes-Grade Black Benzene-dyed leather, it is the epitome of simple and classic sophistication. The bold move in this collection is seen in the intentional ‘mismatched’ color of the collar or top line, that seeks to provide an element of contrast, and yet a perfectly complimentary impression. It adds an edgy and personal touch, to an otherwise slick and classic slip-on design. 


The red signifies rapid short bursts of energy such as power, passion and courage, while the green depicts a calmer and longer standing energy, such as renewal and growth. In addition to the literal colors of red and green being contrasting and yet perfectly complimentary colors, it too has a more symbolic meaning. When applied to the world of fashion, the individuals that are able to combine long lasting classic trends; depicted by the color green, with the bold and current trending styles; depicted by the color red, will ultimately come out on top. The KNIGHT is a perfect blend of timeless classics with the bold and edgy seasonal trends, made popular at any given point in time.



KNIGHT is here to help separate the born-leaders amongst the pact. Those ready to brave it out, pick up their armor and take charge on the fashion scene.


Are you courageous enough to be one of them? 


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