Shoes Fit for Royalty: KING & QUEEN Series!

Posted on May 21 2019

Shoes Fit for Royalty: KING & QUEEN Series!


KING & QUEEN series is the pinnacle new silhouette of the  season. The premium series is highly versatile in nature, featuring simple design and minimal branding, which exudes a classic, timeless and mature charm. Delicately crafted from quality leather uppers and leather lining, ensures that luxury is not only seen but felt with every step. KING & QUEEN is where cutting edge style and design meets premium comfort. 




The series is available in 5 vibrant designs for a lighthearted spring summer feel. This generous injection of color, seeks to bring in an element of youthful energy, creating a unique fusion, which combines a classic silhouette with a touch of modern character. Each color is meticulously selected, and applied with the utmost precision in execution, forming a well balanced design.






KING & QUEEN is footwear elevated with technical focused materials and luxury fabric construction, creating an innovative and luxurious image that breaths new life into the brand. 




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