• The Shoes That Started It All - Royal Elastics Relaunched Smooth
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The Shoes That Started It All - Royal Elastics Relaunched Smooth

Do you know which shoe started it all and made a huge impact on Royal Elastics?

It's Smooth. Royal Elastics' first model in 1997.

Tull Price and Rodney Adler, 2 Australian youngsters were sick of tripping over shoelaces when skateboarding. They cleverly substituted shoelaces with a panel elastic system, and the invention eventually became Royal Elastics' first model - Smooth.

Smooth was then introduced in London's hottest trade show 40 Degrees and was named "Most Radical Product". Smooth quickly became a huge hit and built a solid foundation for the young brand.

Nevertheless, the real impact of Smooth lies in its unique design. Back then, there was a clear line between the casual shoes and athletic shoes. Smooth's vintage yet sporty look blurred the line between athletics and leisure sneakers. Thus a new kind of "athleisure" sneaker was born.

Today, the legacy of Smooth can still be found in many of Royal Elastics' new models, such as the signature "athleisure" style and the one-of-a-kind elastic system.

Now, after 20 years, you have the chance to relive the glory and try Smooth on your own as we relaunch Smooth today. Colorways are available in white and black in very limited quantity. Click here to shop the incomparable Smooth.

Royal Elastics relaunch Smooth, its first model in 1997.

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    Bess Lin
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