Our Story


1996, Sydney. Two youngsters named Tull Price and Rodney Adler saw skaters tucked-in their shoe laces and had a revelation: we wear sneakers to affirm our style, why do we need laces? The pair began to work on a revolutionary slip-on trainer by using elastic bands and introduced an easy "slip in/out" concept for  maximum comfort and cutting edge design. They named the brand “Royal Elastics”. It was the humble start of an Australian sneaker brand that later influenced the world with its street-born and laid-back style. In only two years, Royal Elastics won several awards in Australia and UK, becoming the brand of choice for many street artists.

In 2000, the legendary and long-selling ICON series was born and has become an absolute classic in the sneakers universe ever since.


In 2001, Royal Elastics was acquired by K-Swiss and has made enormous progress on channels and sales in USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Inspired by street art and underground culture, Royal Elastics continued to support emerging artists in numerous events and sponsorships. It also expressed genuine enthusiasm for artistic vibes through several collaborations with music icons (Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. series and Harajuku Lovers, Lyrics born etc...) and graphic arts entities (Andy Warhol foundation, Doze Green and many others).

Evolving between the catch of new trends and the following of its original spirit, the brand has been through different periods with the same passion and continuous love for innovation.


In 2009, Royal Elastics became independent after nine years under a corporate umbrella, and a new breeze of talents brought in creative and bold ideas.  The brand reinforced its presence in Asia with more than 100 stores in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China, while setting company's headquarters in Hong Kong and Asia-Pacific branch office in Taipei.

In 2012, Royal Elastics teamed up with Andy Warhol Foundation and created a series of Warhol kicks which won big accolades from pop art lovers and street artists



2015 marks the 19th year of Royal Elastics. In this coming-of-age year, Royal Elastics re-launched the official website featuring online shopping and international delivery.

After an important reorganization process, Royal Elastics is now looking forward to reconnect with its original Australian roots and strengthen its presence worldwide.

Growing into its 20s, Royal Elastics might not be the giddy green kid on the street anymore, but, as the brand matures with sophistication, street art and underground culture are still staples in this company. Royal Elastics is full of ambition and will continue to shine through the next stage to offer fans bold designs, advanced comfort, and amazing durability.