A Lighthearted Twist of the Classic Kicks ICON

Today, Royal Elastics announces the launch of the ICON WASHED series, a lightweight remake of the brand’s legendary ICON series. ICON WASHED is made for people craving for comfort of the classic ICON while enjoying the lightweight benefits for the summer at the same time.

ICON WASHED stands out as a revamped version of ICON with a twist of play heart. It displays an enjoyable harmony between the stonewashed denim and the vivid color scheme in a laid back style while retaining Royal Elastics’ shoelace-free legacy. The brand’s ultimate craftsmanship is highlighted by the carefully sewed elastics bands on the upper, providing incomparable comfort.

Though 30% lighter in weight than ICON, ICON WASHED remains a good pair of solid walking shoes, thanks to the shock-absorbing high density EVA (HEVA) midsole. Moreover, owing to the breathable and moisture-wicking Ortholite® insole, you can always enjoy a hassle-free pleasurable summer walk.

ICON WASHED is available for purchase on Royal Elastics Online Store for a suggested retail price of $90 USD.