We invite you to become a Royal Member!

Here at Royal Elastics we care for our customers and their loyalty. Therefore, we have created a personalized program for our customers to earn Royal Points while shopping!. 


Become a Member

Redeem your royal points for discount codes, special gifts and many surprises. To start getting Royal Points, you'll need to register for an account or sign in.


Ways to Earn

Get more Royal Points for different actions, and turn those points into awesome rewards!

Sign Up

2,000 Royal Points

Place an Order

10 Royal Points / USD

Have a Birthday

2,000 Royal Points

Refer a Friend

3,000 Royal Points


Ways to Redeem

Shop and unlock rewards! Have all access to exclusive items and discounts. You can choose to exchange your Royal Points from the rewards below.



USD$5 OFF Coupon

1,000 Royal Points

USD$10 OFF Coupon

2,000 Royal Points

USD$15 OFF Coupon

2,800 Royal Points

Original Logo Cap Black

3,500 Royal Points

Original Logo Cap Pink

3,500 Royal Points

Original Logo Cap White

3,500 Royal Points

USD$20 OFF Coupon

3,600 Royal Points

Blue Cap Aussie

3,800 Royal Points

White Cap Nippon

3,800 Royal Points

Black Cap with Golden Logo

3,800 Royal Points

Black Cap with Red Logo

3,800 Royal Points

USD$35 OFF Coupon

5,000 Royal Points

USD$60 OFF Coupon

8,000 Royal Points



Point Expiration

Points will expire after 6 months without earning or redeeming points.

How to Redeem Gift

1.Click the "Royal Points" button on bottom left side of our website.
2.Choose a gift to redeem, you will receive a coupon code.
3.Add the gift item into your shopping cart, input the coupon code on the cart page, then the gift item will become free.