Story Behind our ICON Collection’s DOTS and CROSS ranges

Story Behind our ICON Collection’s DOTS and CROSS ranges


The ICON collection forms part of our timeless classic range, encompassing a simple and classic design, which has stood the test of time. This season, our team of highly creative and passionate designers have sought to revolutionize this existing collection, by injecting a new range of bold and creative patterns, to create a youthful and playful element, while still keeping the original look and feel of this timeless collection. ICON DOTS and ICON DOTS form two sub-groups of this underlying ICON collection.




The ICON DOTS range was born out of our brand’s collaboration with the very talented Los Angeles based designer LIZ, who has a highly unique insight into the creative mixing and matching of diverse color palettes, in order to emanate a wide array of moods and ambiance. This DOTS range was further inspired by the designer’s admiration of the infamous contemporary Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama, whom is widely regarded as the “Queen of the Dot”. The vibrant and creative dots patterned design found in this range, is thus a clear reflection of the artist’s creative vision for this collection.




Much like the ICON DOTS range, ICON CROSS, has come about, through the artist’s vision for creating a range that exudes youthful vitality and playfulness. The ICON CROSS range, serves to symbolize a wide array of people rapidly moving along in a modern city, and thus crossing paths, and at times colliding and creating fireworks. It is this element of surprise, of unexpected wander that gives the city life its sense of vitality, burst of energy and excitement. Such feelings have been carefully crafted and portrayed through the range’s skillful play of colors, in combination with its unique crisscross patterned design.  


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