ADELAIDE Collection: Inspired by the Indigenous Kaurna People of Adelaide

ADELAIDE Collection: Inspired by the Indigenous Kaurna People of Adelaide


City of Adelaide and the Indigenous Kaurna People

Can you take a stab at which city was the inspiration behind this collection… you’ve guessed it! It’s ADELAIDE! Adelaide is a bustling city situated in Australia, and is the cosmopolitan coastal capital of the state of South Australia. A city rich in culture, as well as natural parkland, it is home to renowned museums, such as the Art Gallery of South Australia, which houses a large collection of noted Indigenous artworks. The city and its connection to the Kaurna People; a group of Indigenous Australians, whose traditional lands include the Adelaide Plains of South Australia, have been the precise inspiration behind the design of this season's ADELAIDE collection. 

The Kaurna People were a society of hunter and gatherers, whose dwellings changed with the climate. The Kaurna People’s deep connection with the land upon which they lived, and moreover, their strong understanding of, and harmonious co-inhabitants with the surrounding creatures of the land, was of key importance in daily life. The Rainbow Serpent in particular, has a highly significant role in the deeply rooted beliefs and culture of Indigenous Australians, and is a key image found in Aboriginal mythology and artworks. The design of the ADELAIDE sneaker collection, which is characterized by a body of highly exaggerated snake skin texture, has thus been directly inspired by the rich culture of the Kaurna People.  


Specific Features of the Adelaide Sneakers

The ADELAIDE Collection comes in two color options for men – black and white, and three color options for women, with the additional style in gold. It is an upgrade from the classic ADELAIDE sneakers. This season's design is simply tailored and coupled with an exaggerated snake skin outer design, which creates an added luxurious feel. The sneakers are made of premium aniline leather. The white and gold options are made of textile lining, while pig-skin lining is found in the classic black. Its bouncy PU insole, provides absolute comfort for all-day wear. The outsoles are made using Italian design rubber, which enables strong support, cushioning and durability.





The ADELAIDE sneakers in classic black, takes luxury wear to a whole other level, with the addition of a rectangular gold plated logo just below the tongue of the shoe. This is in addition to an upgrade to the premium pig-skin lining, which adds that bonus layer of style, sophistication and comfort. 


The collection helps to bring out the curious adventurer within all of us, and reminding us of the importance to reconnect with nature and its creatures, an element so quintessential to the lives of the Kaurna Tribe. 


Why not try the sneakers out for yourselves? The quality and style of this collection is second to none.




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