A Quirky Retro Twist to the Heritage SMOOTH Sneakers!

A Quirky Retro Twist to the Heritage SMOOTH Sneakers!


SMOOTH first appeared in the 1996 London Fashion Show, winning the title of the ‘Most Radical Product’ Award. The true impact of SMOOTH lies in its unique design. It was the collection which blurred the line between casual/leisure and athletic sneaker wear, with its characteristic vintage and yet sporty look. A new kind of “athleisure” sneaker was born, leaving a lasting impression on the sneaker world.



A quirky retro twist 

This current season’s rendition of the original SMOOTH has retained its heritage look, while taking on a couple of new creative features and characteristics. The exaggerated patterns found on this season's design is a key standout. 




The unique splash-like metallic color pattern is an attempt to add a quirky retro element, which provides a fresh new twist to a simple classic design, which has been able to stand the test of time. The current design retains its elasticized strap closure system, which provides practical convenience for everyday wear.

This season’s SMOOTH collection comes in four distinct color patterned designs. No matter what unique look you are trying to create, you are bound to find yourself the perfect pair, to help show off your unique style.

The SMOOTH sneakers are made of premium aniline leather. The premium pig skin lining and bouncy PU insoles of the shoes, provides firm support, cushioning and absolute comfort for all day wear. Made of quality Italian design GT rubber, the out soles are highly durable and wear resistant.


Life ain't always SMOOTH sailing, but with these sneakers you're bound to come close!!

Be sure to check them out for yourselves!!!

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