RETRO STYLE on Full Blast: the RIDER has arrived in town and its turning heads!!!

RETRO STYLE on Full Blast: the RIDER has arrived in town and its turning heads!!!


The RIDER has arrived in town, and no doubt, its turning heads! Derived from Royal Elastics’ classic lightweight SINO MAJESTY, these new release sneakers emanate the noble and high-end elements of the boutique, in perfect combination with everyday contemporary street fashion. This state of the art design encompasses a perfect blend of geometric pieces, and intricate pattern and color combinations, that work together in perfect harmony. The end result is a product that displays not only the vital elements highly characteristic of trendy street ready, contemporary sports and leisure wear, but simultaneously, portrays that all important element of high-end luxury and sophistication.


Inheriting the retro style of Royals in the 90’s era, the exaggerated python texture adds a retro element to the ‘Athleisure’ wear, a style that was all the rage among Royal fans in the 90’s, and had revolutionized and taken the sneaker work by storm. This season’s new release RIDER collection is not only a blast from the past, and a reminder of Royal’s long standing and proud heritage, but also evidence of how far the brand has evolved with the times. RIDER is very much a modern and creative twist to a much loved classic style.




The RIDER comes in three color designs for men and the classic black style is also available for women. These sneakers are not merely aesthetically pleasing, but are also produced with the highest quality material. Made from premium aniline leather and quality embossed snake skin, the outsoles are flexible and extremely light weight, providing strong cushioning and overall functionality for everyday wear. Its premium pig-skin lining and firm PU insole provides that added support and comfort.







Royal Elastics is proud to introduce this new creation to our customers, as a celebration of our brand’s strong heritage. For our long time fans, this the opportunity to experience the feeling of the old classics that you all know and love, and for our new fans, this provides you a glimpse into what our brand is all about!  RIDER is the epitome of Royal Pride! We welcome you to try it out for yourselves! 


As the saying goes, 'I’d rather be a RIDER for a minute, than a spectator for a lifetime!'

So what do you say? Get off the sidelines, and get onboard with us!!

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