ICON SBI: Bringing Back the 70s Vintage Style

ICON SBI: Bringing Back the 70s Vintage Style


This spring and summer, ICON SBI (Steinback Inlay) makes a fresh new comeback. The latest rendition takes luxury to new heights. Crafted with fine quality nappa leather uppers, and leather lining, ensures that luxury is not only seen, but also felt with every step. This special release also marks the prominent return of the classic large fleur-de-lis side logo design.   



This premium series features a smooth white body silhouette with subtle luxury detailing, by way of a gold plated metal tongue, exuding timeless class and elegance. The prominent use of a soft blue and pink color palette creates a lighthearted romantic summer feel.


The series is available in 4 color designs! 




The 2018 FW rendition of the iconic ICON - STEINBACK INLAY (SBI) series, is inspired by the creative charm of Art Deco, and takes on a distinctly french characteristic. The collection's featuring of bold blue and burgundy tones, seeks to compliment the featured gold metal plated, french inspired tongue, which exudes a 70’s vintage retro style. This gives off a feeling of classic high-end boutique, in combination with trendy urban lifestyle. 



The latest series is made of quality Aniline Leather, and retains Royal Elastics' classic ICON body design and signature elasticized closure system. This enables ultimate quality and comfort to be achieved simultaneously.




Another key feature of this series, is its false two-piece costume design, styled heel tab, which has been creatively positioned in a way that reflects the unique charm of urban aesthetics. The whitecap gray bodied version (pictured above), takes advantage of this double layered surface. to inject a splash of color, to an otherwise neutral palate. The inner layer is painted with a burgundy red and the outer, in Moroccan blue.



The burgundy red bodied version (pictured above), features a white surface for both layers, to create the opposite effect, of naturalizing the bright red toned body, thus creating a well balanced and aesthetically pleasing end product, which exudes effortless class and sophistication. 


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