The MIDNIGHT RIDER Steps into the Spotlight!!!

The MIDNIGHT RIDER Steps into the Spotlight!!!


We are thrilled to present to you our newly released MIDNIGHT RIDER! This series has stepped out into the spotlight, and this is in no way by chance. Inspired by the Royal Elastics classic lightweight SINO MAJESTY, a highly popular style among our Royals fans; this new collection is one of our most daring designs yet. With that element of mystery, that draws intrigue and captivates attention from all angles, the MIDNIGHT RIDER allows the wearer the ultimate freedom for self-expression.

Falling into this season’s theme of combining street ready trends with high-end boutique, this series has sought to blend in these two elements effortlessly. The noble features of the boutique is brought through by the python embossed pattern and the delicate color combination. In equal parts, a sporty aesthetics still shines through in its overall design. The MIDNIGHT RIDER series retains Royal Elastics' infamous elastic strap design, allowing for a convenient slip in and out functionality. Its lightweight and strong cushioning means that no compromise ever needs to be made when it comes to ultimate style, comfort and simplicity; features that we all crave in our busy, modern day to day lives. The MIDNIGHT RIDER is the true embodiment of the ‘Athleisure’ style that we all know and love.


The collection comes in two select color designs. 

Which one will you pick? 

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