PRINCE ALBERT Kicks Start our A/W Season Launch!!!

PRINCE ALBERT Kicks Start our A/W Season Launch!!!

PRINCE ALBERT helps kick start the official launch of our new A/W season collection! This latest rendition retains the signature look of last season's release; regarding the overall body design, however what is distinctively unique this time round, is the injection of an earthy characteristic. It utilizes a completely new color palette, to depict the raw and vast elements of nature. Fully embracing our new season's theme of URBAN REVIVAL, and the multifaceted and aw-inspiring beauty of Mother-Nature, this new collection, thus brings to light and celebrates nature's diversity and uniqueness. 



Two color options are currently available in the series, each with their distinct color palette, and thus reflecting its owner unique portrayal of nature's vast and ever-changing elements.                     



The black bodied pair, utilizes the warm and intense color palette, to depict the dark, rugged and harsher elements of nature, such as rocks, limestone and desert sands, thus creating the sort of imagery that one would witness in the rocky outback or during a midnight desert storm. These elements are depicted through the use of a deep orange hue, in combination with deep grays and black.     



The white bodied pair portrays another side of Mother-Nature, by highlighting the brighter, more vivid and calmer aspects, such as the warmth of the summer days, with its blazing sun, white sands and calm seas. The white and light gray represents the light of day and the fine sands, maroon as the blazing sun, and the navy and deep teal tones, as the calm seas.       


Midnight Desert Storm vs. Summer Beach 
Which pair do you choose?





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