RIDER: Nature’s Beauty Underwater and Retro Fusion

RIDER: Nature’s Beauty Underwater and Retro Fusion

Inspired by the bio-luminescence of marine life, the latest RIDER series seeks to portray the beauty of nature underwater. This is done, using metallic and mirror fabrics and stitching, to convey the cold light source of the deep sea and its ecology. In doing so, this latest rendition serves both to highlight and celebrate the multifaceted beauty of Mother-Nature. 

Much like its predecessors, this rendition of the RIDER, features the iconic flexible and lightweight phylon outsole, giving the design its characteristic athletic style image. This combined with its delicately crafted upper, provides a superior feel, where ultimate comfort and style is simultaneously achieved. RIDER is the epitome of Royal Elastics classic 'Athleisure' style, with the added touch of the high-end boutique quality finish.







RIDER- RETRO (Limited Edition) is the limited edition release from the mainstream RIDER series, taking on a distinctive old school hip-hop and retro spin, with its featuring of vibrant contrasting colors, color blocks and line patterns. This bold design is a creative blend of both luxury high-end and street ready elements, portraying the modern city jungle as a boundless playground for fashion.




As part of the 2019 Spring Summer Launch, the first of four color designs from the RIDER camouflage range has been launched. Check it out below, and stayed tuned for more color released!

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